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Access Control Reno

What is Access Control?

You've seen it, you walk up to a door and there's a Keypad or Card Reader on the wall.

Access control is just that; let people in that belong in and keep others out until they are allowed in by you or your staff.

Physical security

Smart devices can instantly improve your security profile by enabling multi-factor and/or biometric authentication, one time passwords, employee location awareness, and instant credential revocation.


  • Card Keys, Proximity, Smart and Swipe

  • Key Fob

  • Mobile Device

  • Biometrics

  • Simple Key Code

Access Control Reno

The Openpath Video Intercom Reader Pro combines a built-in high resolution camera, intelligent intercom, and multi-technology reader into a slim and sleek form factor. Visitors use the intercom to initiate calls, communicate with assigned users, and are visually identified within the Openpath app.


Automatically associate video footage with access events and visually monitor entries in the Openpath Control Center. The Video Intercom Reader Pro is a multi-technology reader that supports both low (125 kHz) and high (13.56 MHz) frequencies. The camera angle is adjustable during installation, ensuring optimal video footage.

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