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Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office phone system is Avaya's most powerful and versatile system.

Avaya IP Office

Not sure whether you need VOIP or Digital, depending on your cabling infrastructure we will help you decide. Avaya IP Office is a hybrid system that can do both. So if you need digital today and want to move into VOIP in the future we have you covered.

The IP Office can handle from 2 to 3000 users, all with “Visual Voice Mail” sent directly to your Email.

Yes that’s right, all of your Voice Mail messages are sent directly to your Email, this is a free feature of the IP Office system.

Cabling, let’s talk cabling….if you have a working system now that needs replacing, chances are your cabling will handle the new IP Office system. Since it’s digital and VOIP it can run on existing cabling. We will access your cabling for free and get you a quote on the most versatile system on the market.

Avaya IP Office phone system

Turn-Key (Appliance) Editions

IP Office Basic Edition

Ideal for small and growing businesses, Basic Edition provides basic voice telephony and messaging, including voice mail, message to email conversion, call forwarding, audio conferencing, automated attendant and growth to 100 users.

IP Office Essential Edition

Builds on the Basic Edition by adding IP telephony and mobility features, including one-number access and dial by name / extension. Scales to over 350 users.

IP Office Preferred Edition

All the features of Basic and Essential Editions with integrated unified communications, including IM and presence, web collaboration, mobile access, video, and call recording. Integration with business applications along with a multi-channel contact center is also provided.

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