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Video Surveillance with Avigilon

Life is simple too short not to have the Best Surveillance solution on the Planet.  Avigilon has changed the way we use Surveillance and how we access it.  At FCC Communications, We have installed thousands of cameras with Avigilon, whether it’s Casino’s, Warehouse, Home Owners Associations, Golf Courses, Retail, Medical, Venues, anywhere that “The Best Evidence” matters.

If you need a surveillance system that is from 2 to 2000 cameras at single or multiple locations any where in the world Avigilon is the Surveillance system that you should be using.

Analog video was the basis for all Video Surveillance that exists today, however analog has been replaced by the IP Megapixel video and now HD 7K, if you are in the Reno Nevada area, call us at 775 626-3454, get a free consultation and quote for your specific needs.

Panoramic Coverage With A Single Camera

Achieve superior situational awareness with fewer cameras and help lower overall video security deployment costs. Enrich investigations with optional audio recording for additional evidentiary detail.

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