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Security Camera installation, Reno
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Video Surveillance

Are you in the Reno area and need a Video Security Camera System Installation for your facility?  A Video Surveillance system is the best evidence, whether you are monitoring your Casino Floor or your outdoor yard.  When you have video evidence the facts speak for themselves. Video Security Cameras are our Specialty, give us a call for Security Camera Installation on your property.

You can easily view your system from your Smart Phone or any where in the world that you are.  Get system alerts and know in real-time what’s happening on your property.

We have full Design, Sales and Installation services; we will design a system to fit your facility or situation.  Are you needing service on your existing Security Camera system, we can do that as well, our service team is trained in all different types of systems.

Analog cameras are slowly being phased out, IP Megapixel cameras and recording is the ultimate for evidence in court or otherwise.  Ask about what the latest IP camera technology can do to help you cover all the areas of your property.

View of a Businessman using a smartphone with a Security camera system and network connect
  • Casinos

  • Warehouse

  • Retail

  • Hospital

  • Education

  • Roadways

  • Government

  • Religious

  • Storage Facilities

  • Restaurant

Recording Software

A typical VMS ( Video Management System) system includes:

  • A Server

  • Storage (sized by the days of storage you require)

  • Video Management Software

  • Security Cameras (IP or Analog) Analog cameras require an Encoder for each

  • Cabling

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IP Security Cameras

IP Cameras from 2 Megapixel to cameras with up 8K resolution are now available, we can give you the “Best Evidence” for your video reviews, life is too short for poor video.

Our line of Avigilon and Axis Cameras along with VMS Software can now provide you with a Video Surveillance system that lowers cost and lowers bandwidth across your entire Network.

Call Now and see how affordable an IP Security Camera system can be!

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