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We Have The Tools You Need to Grow Your Business
Looking for a camera system to meet your cannabis needs?

We have Partnered with the leading surveillance system in cannabis to create a seamless solution to integrate with your new or old camera system!

With the Cannabis industries large growth and demand you should be asking yourself how your cameras can exceed regulations and expectations

Why use Solink or any Cloud Based Surveillance System?
  • Accessible on any browser or mobile device (WebiOSAndroid, Apple TV)

  • Works with any camera including your existing cameras (Analog or IP)

  • Easily share and collaborate with peers and law enforcement with the share feature

  • Search through surveillance video with ease. View motion, people, vehicle, etc.

  • Access to features like video analytics and floorplans

  • Retain and store evidence securely for investigations

  • 360 cameras / pan–tilt–zoom camera (digital PTZ) available

  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year customer support in 2 mins of less

What is Solink?

With over 200 partners and support with POS, Alarm Panels, Access Control, and more we make it easy to move to a better and more modern solution to meet your day to day needs 

Tired of costly false alarms from your current alarm company?

Our Partners at Solink offer a easy cost effective monitoring system thank can help you with peace of mind knowing your business is protected and safe!

Let us help!

How Does The Monitoring Service Work?


Ensure you are only notified of an alarm event when needed. No issues, no hassle. 24/7, 365-day coverage.


Video verification ensures police dispatch only happens when necessary, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in false alarm charges each year.


Solink Video Alarms use Solink User IDs, not PINS. This eliminates the need for employees to remember an additional set of credentials and forgotten PINS.

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