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VoIP is here, will it work for you?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Is VoIP right for you and your company?

VoIP has been used now for 15 years or so, since broadband internet service has been getting faster and faster.

VoIP, Definition: Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP can be explained easily by saying that VOIP can be Internal and External, I like to tell our customers that VOIP can be both.

Internal VOIP:

Internal VOIP is that your internal phones are all on your network, this means that the phones are on the cat-5/cat-6 cabling infrastructure in your building.

Also the incoming and outgoing lines that your phone numbers are on are not VOIP; they may be analog POTS lines or a PRI circuit.

In this configuration the benefits are you may move phones any where in your building without calling the technician to change wiring. Saves money over time and is great for companies that have changes often. However, this configuration does not affect your outside lines or carrier’s circuits. Our Avaya IP Office system will allow you to have a “Hybrid” setup, meaning you may have both VOIP internally and externally. Read below about External VOIP

External VoIP:

External VoIP means that the circuit from your phone company is VOIP,

external VoIP can save you many dollars a month. Let’s face it, analog lines are going away, carriers like AT&T are raising prices and forcing companies to make the choice to move to VoIP. Now this means you will need a “Broadband” connection that will allow the bandwidth that VoIP needs. Some companies are not in areas that decent broadband connections are available, so decisions have to be made and testing should take place. Our Star2Star System will do just that for you.

Star2Star will allow you replace your current phone company and run on as little as a DSL connection. Call and ask about these solutions, we will come to site and answer all of your questions.

Will VoIP work for your company?

Answer these questions and you will know if VoIP is right for you and your company.

  • Is your Cabling infrastructure ready for VoIP?: Meaning do you have a Cat-5 cable at each of the places you want a phone?

  • What is the capacity of your internet connection?: VOIP Phone service needs to have it’s own separation from normal data on your network.

  • Do you want to move your phone service from your current provider?: If so VOIP is a great choice.

  • Are you thinking that VoIP can save your company money?

Call 775 626-3454 and we will answer all of your questions, we can get you up to speed with all of the latest knowledge on VoIP.


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